14th Topical Conference on Hadron Collider Physics

HCP 2002


Organisers & Sponsors
General Information
In order to have the proceedings ready as soon as possible, we are working within an ambitious schedule. We kindly ask the speakers to edit the attached author.tex latex file for your contribution and send us their postscript version together with the corresponding latex-file and the figures (eps or ps) by
18 - November - 2002 to


Size limits for contributions are:
7 pages for 20 minutes talks, and 13 pages for 40 minutes talks.

Please read carefully the attached instructions. If possible, try to live with the Springer style files only. Note that we will of-course include a table of contents and author list, but there will be no index.


Save either the tar-file or the single files:
author.tex cropmark.sty figure.eps
hcpreadme.pdf hcpreadme.ps hcpreadme.txt
letter.txt physmubb.sty sprmindx.sty
subeqnar.sty svmult.cls
After editing the proceedings, all participants of the conference will receive the book.

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